TV Statement of Natia Natsvlishvili on the occasion of the Caspian Economic Forum

Jul 26, 2019

11-12 august 2019


Dear colleagues and friends,

It gives me a great pleasure to address you on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme on the eve of this important event, the First Caspian Economic Forum,

Let me take this opportunity, to congratulate the Government of Turkmenistan, his Excellency the President of Turkmenistan and the people of Turkmenistan on the upcoming Forum, which is yet another landmark event in promoting peaceful cooperation and economic well-being in the Caspian region.

We, the United Nations Development Programme, are privileged to join the First Caspian Economic Forum and contribute with our global and local experience to the successful outcomes of this important forum.

We are happy, that we have an opportunity to partake actively in the forum, including in the side events taking place on the margins of the Forum. UNDP, along with the United Nations in Turkmenistan, has been at the forefront of planning and organizing the special event dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals and Financing for Development. In the framework of this event, the Turkmenistan Government will once again present its achievements as reflected in the first Voluntary National Review and presented at the UN High Level Political Forum in New York on the 18 July.

We will also be joined by the high-ranking officials from the Government, UN, International Financial Institutions and the Private Sector to discuss the challenges and opportunities for transforming available funding into smart financing for achieving SDGs.

This will serve as a continuation of the dialogue that UNDP, along with the Government and other stakeholders, has started in Turkmenistan over a year ago at the high-level international conference on financing for development in Ashgabat.

We are happy, that this year, this conversation is going to be expanded and elevated at the Caspian Economic Forum.

In addition, being the largest development agency in Turkmenistan, sustainable economic development takes an important place in the portfolio of our cooperation. We back economic reform aimed at diversification and digitalization. For that, UNDP supports the banking and trade sector development; embedding SDGs in development strategies, planning and financial frameworks. We support the national statistical system for a better evidence-based policy making.

We do not plan to stop on the achieved and carry ambitious plans to further deepen our cooperation in these and new areas. In this regard, we expect, that Caspian Economic Forum will further seal the existing and provide us new avenues for partnership on economic development. We are looking forward to signing several cooperation documents with out National partners on the margins of the Forum.

Furthermore, our cooperation around environment and climate action deserves a special mention in relation to the priorities of the Caspian Economic Forum.

It is widely acknowledged, that Climate change presents the single biggest threat to sustainable development. It is already causing widespread, unprecedented impact on a global scale. At the same time, climate action provides an unique opportunity to unlock massive economic and social benefits. Studies have found that bold climate action could trigger US$26 trillion in economic benefits by 2030, create over 65 million new jobs and prevent 700,000 premature deaths worldwide.

With this in mind, in Turkmenistan, we partner with the Government and private sector to mitigate the impact of the climate change; We have already achieved 1.5 million tons of reduction of the CO2 emission and more is in our plans. We have already reached 50 thousand people to practice a water-efficient, modern and effective farming, thus promoting adaptation and reducing vulnerabilities to the climate change.

We have bigger plans, as we walk into the future.

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

Today’s development challenges cannot be dealt with in isolation. They are linked and interdependent, meaning that we should work together, and develop holistic, integrated solutions.

To produce and promote integrated and innovative solutions to complex challenges, UNDP stands ready to join hands with wide range of development community, governments, private sector and non-governmental organizations. We look up at the Caspian Economic Forum, as yet another high-level forum to further promote partnerships for the sake of sustainable development and the well-being of the people of Turkmenistan.

Once again, let me congratulate Turkmenistan with hosting such an important event and wish fruitful discussions and new cooperation opportunities for all!

Thank you!

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