Ashgabat, 18 March 2021:   Within the framework of the Project "Sustainable Cities in Turkmenistan: Integrated Green Urban Development in Ashgabat and Avaza" United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) jointly with the Environment Protection Society of Turkmenistan conducted informative and greening activity at schools №21, №42 and secondary sports school “Olimp” in Ashgabat.  

Project staff, Environment Protection Society of Turkmenistan, Heads and teachers of the schools as well as students of senior classes have participated in the event. During the event, seedlings and trees were planted as well open classes were held on ecology where lively talk took place regarding the importance of environment protection, safeguarding the nature and everyone’s involvement in nature protection activities in Turkmenistan.      

As was noted by the UNDP project specialists, it is important to talk about environment protection activities with the growing generation, because at this period children begin to shape well-formed understanding of the environment and it is very important that this perception is formulated properly and timely. At present, ecological culture is vital in upbringing the children and holding of such activities contributes to personal growth of the person in safeguarding the environment and nature.       

It is worth to note that during the event students have demonstrated keen interest and understanding of nature and environment protection, efficient use of water and energy, waste management, use of renewable energies according to climate features of the region, and in particular, willingness to assist as a volunteer for all organizations that are involved in this field. During the lively talk, students were recommended an opportunity to voluntarily participate and independently organize such events with UNDP’s assistance and support.

Moreover, UNDP’s activity timed with the nationwide activity on planting trees which makes this event more significant. Such activities generate good practices for all people of the country, after all, the more planted trees, the cleaner the air we breathe.   

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