Ashgabat, 30 May 2019: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan (Turkmenstat) cooperate on improvement of the national accounts system. For that, the joint project is going to upgrade the software for compilation of the national accounts compliant with the international standards (SNA 2008). 

UNDP has invited Mr. Jean Aziz, from the National Statistical Office of France that leads ERETES work in Europe, to share his experience and best practices of the use of software for the compilation of the national accounts system. Mr. Jean Aziz held working meetings with the representatives of the State Statistics Committee and delivered presentations on ERETES software developed by Eurostat for SNA compilation.

“Accurate compilation of the national accounts is important for production of high-quality macroeconomic statistics. ERETES is widely used by many countries, and can become a useful tool for Turkmenstat in elaborating the national accounts in accordance with SNA 2008. This mission aims to familiarize the staff of Turkmenstat with it so that they make decision on further use of it,” stated Nurjemal Jalilova, UNDP Programme Analyst.

Mr. Jean Aziz has conducted introductory sessions on the use of the ERETES, how to create tables, balances and matrix of integrated and macroeconomic accounts; discussed the teamwork and the framework for installment of the software.

The new software is widely used in more than twenty-five countries or sites (in Africa, South America, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific countries and others. If it is agreed to use this software package, it will allow the Statistics Committee to process data simultaneously on different dimensions, analyze, reconcile data from a statistical and economic point of view, estimate the GDP by production and expenditure approach and etc.

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