Introduction of modern innovative technologies in the context of climate change

Mar 30, 2018

Ashgabat, 30 March 2018: UNDP project funded by the GEF Special climate change fund and implemented together with the State committee of Turkmenistan for nature protection and land resources held two-day practical trainings on the topics of laser land leveling of the irrigated fields. The trainings took place on 7-8 February and 14-5 march in the pilot regions of the project “Danev” of Lebap region and “Georogly” of Dashoguz region of Turkmenistan.

Under the conditions of climate change uneven surface of the fields intensifies land degradation and leads to large losses of water during the irrigation season.The goal of the trainings is to share knowledge and skills with local farmers in the area of adaptation to climate change, rational use of water, increasing the amount of harvest collected from the fields and boosting the fertility of the soil using the latest technics of land leveling.

The trainings were attended by the representatives of the local administration, experts, engineers and heads of the farmers’ unions, teachers and students, and staff of the district water management institutions.

“The smooth surface of the field for these regions is one of the main factors ensuring the effective use of fertilizers, land, water and energy resources and obtaining a high crop yield. The main purpose of land leveling is to eliminate the unevenness of the surface of the fields, which makes it difficult to conduct irrigation and mechanized agrotechnical activities,” said Ovezdurdy Jumadurdyev, water expert of the project.

The use of new technology will ensure uniform germination of seeds of wheat and cotton, the saving of scarce irrigated water will be about 20-25%, the level of soil salinity will decrease, while the yield of agricultural crops will increase by 4-7 quintals per hectare.

The UNDP/GEF project “Supporting climate resilient livelihoods in agricultural communities in drought-prone areas of Turkmenistan” has purchased two laser land leveling units for the pilot regions and transferred them for the use of the farmers’ unions. The farmers of the pilot regions of the projects used the technology for the first time at the irrigated fields of the regions.

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Amangul Ovezberdyyeva
Project Manager


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