Turkmen specialists explore innovative methods for the irrigation of crops

Nov 2, 2017

Israel, October 17-25, 2017: Turkmen experts in the area of designing and operating irrigation systems took part in a seminar specializing in effective irrigation and agriculture methods in Israel.

The seminar, titled "Effective use of energy and renewable energy sources for sustainable water management in Turkmenistan", was organized in the framework of a joint project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan, UNDP and the Global Environment Facility.

Participants of the seminar became acquainted with the technological innovations used in the agriculture of Israel. “The scarcity of water resources in Israel has led to the use of innovative technologies that completely eliminated water losses used in the country," says Geldi Myradov, UNDP project manager. "Some of these practices can be successfully implemented in Turkmenistan."

Participants of the seminar discussed such topics as irrigation planning, application of fertilizers and the maintenance of irrigation systems for drip irrigation and sprinkling used in agriculture. Another important topic mentioned during the seminar was to explore and familiarize the technology of irrigation of vegetable and fruit crops in greenhouses and on open ground.

The participants had an opportunity not only to get acquainted with using these advanced technologies in the field of irrigation but also to visit farms where these technologies are used. These areas have similar soil and climatic conditions to Turkmenistan which makes Israel an ideal place to witness the benefits of such technology in action.

This acquired knowledge will be applied by national experts within the framework of the joint project on the territory in the research site in Geokdepe, where various irrigation systems are tested. As a result of the research, the most effective methods of irrigation in agro-climatic conditions of Turkmenistan will be revealed.

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Geldi Myradov

Project Manager

Email: geldi.myradov@undp.org

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