Ms Elena Panova, UNDP Resident Representative, Hyakim of Kaahka district and Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan launch the pipeline / UNDP Turkmenistan

Kaahka, Turkmenistan, 17 April 2018: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Ministry of agriculture and water management of Turkmenistan launched a water pipeline Kaahka-Khivabad of roughly 15 km long.

The pipeline will help reduce water infiltration and evaporation of the transboundary river Layinsuv at the territory of Kaahka district. The project helps to preserve water resources to provide it to the local population of Kaahka town. In turn, it will decrease the volume of CO2 emissions by 240 tons and ensure energy efficiency by 486 Megawatt per year by reducing the number of electric pumps used to deliver the water from several dozen water wells previously constructed for the residents of Kaahka due to limited availability of water resources.

“This project showcases several innovations. First, we have conducted a long-long research during several years to make informed decision making to construct the pipeline. Second, the construction of the new infrastructure was conducted in a mountainous area considering nature-based solutions. Finally, the project improves energy efficiency, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and ensures rational use of water resources, which will improve the living conditions of over 35 000 local residents. The results of the project could be scaled up to the regional level of Kaahka to benefit over 150 000 people.,” noted Mr. Geldi Myradov, UNDP/GEF Project Manager.

During the opening ceremony of the Kaahka-Khivabad pipeline, project experts introduced the results of the research and information about the construction to the participants. The construction involved over 40 people and the project has invested about USD 1.3 million. The project calculated water supply capacity of 14 256 m3 / day (165 liters per second) and allows to regulate the water supply in three directions and needs of the local population: agriculture, drinking and domestic needs.

In her congratulatory statement, Ms. Elena Panova, UNDP Resident Representative noted that “Turkmenistan is a resource rich country and it is vital to utilize those resources rationally, so that they last for several generations. It is a great pleasure to see the fruitful cooperation between UNDP and the Government of Turkmenistan in this area.”

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