Governance, Economic Diversification and Inclusive Growth

UNDP in Turkmenistan contributes to strengthening democratic principles, improving economic performance and fostering high living standards by supporting the development of responsive national institutions, strengthening human potential and nurturing inclusive participation in line with national development plans and priorities, including the SDGs. This includes improving national capacity to report to United Nations treaty bodies, increasing participation in the regional and global economic and trade processes, enhancing national employment and labour capacities and modernizing public administration.

Our Goals

UNDP has proved an indispensable and reliable partner in promoting and effectively supporting Turkmenistan’s efforts to improve the democratic governance processes in the country. UNDP provides its resources, knowledge and expertise for the Government of Turkmenistan to ensure the enabling environment and capable institutions to promote economic diversification and sustainable growth. UNDP supports Turkmenistan in achieving inclusive growth and social equality of men and women from all walks of life to ensure their effective participation in development of the national strategies and policies as well as comprehensive socio-economic integration of all vulnerable groups.more

UNDP promotes inclusive growth through introduction of equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities under the National Human Rights Action Plan 2016-2020

The initiative included creating the first mixed group of students including 11 with hearing impairments. All graduates received job offers from private and public sectors. more

Our Stories

Hearing impaired students in the classroom / UNDP Turkmenistan
Hearing-impaired students excel in Turkmenistan’s first integrated curriculum

As a child, Nargul faced difficulties at her school. It had nothing to do with her abilities. She is hearing-impaired, and unfortunately, faced bullying at school.more 

“We feel that we are not alone with our disease..." (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)
MDR-TB patients get support to fight against the disease

Amanbagt, 28, lives with her family in the outskirts of Ashgabat. Amanbagt fell ill in February 2013 when after few oddly cold winter days she feltmore 

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