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UNDP conducts second campaign on waste management

The second campaign includes promotion and awareness raising on recycling of the paper and glass waste in addition to the plastic among the general population, staff of the state institutions, school…  

Vermicomposting - A Source of Alternative Income for Women in Agriculture

For several women in the Daikhan association “Vatan” and “Parakhat” of the Lebap province, the production of vermicompost (biohumus) has become the main activity that ensures the family's income and…  

The First International Competition for students at school on Climate Change is open for applications

The aim of the competition is to attract school-children to work on the study and preparation of practical project development to solve problems related to climate change.  

Hold Hands-on Training to Stop Climate Change

UNDP Discusses Adaptation Potential to Climate Change and Hold Hands-on Training on Land Leveling  

Climate Change Education and Awareness Project "Climate Box"

“Climate Box” project aims to educate and raise the awareness on the climate change among the school students of the region. For that, national experts will adapt the national version of the Climate…  

UNDP develops water infrastructure in the city of Kaahka

Construction of one of the largest infrastructure projects in the history of the UNDP Permanent Mission in Turkmenistan, the Khivaabad-Kaahka waterway, has commenced  

The Modern Landmark to Fight Climate Change Effects in Turkmenistan

Anyone visiting Turkmenistan remembers it for its culture, brightness of colors, welcoming people and the heat. Steadily increasing of air temperature and reduced rainfall are caused by climate…  

Turkmenistan aims at improving energy efficiency in construction

The Ministry of construction and architecture of Turkmenistan is consistently improving the designing of energy-efficient facilities for industrial and civil purposes, Turkmen media reported. The…  

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