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New social work specialists advance knowledge and competencies in social work

New social work specialists advanced their competencies and knowledge in social work in the second round of 15-day intensive training organized by the UNDP in close cooperation with the Ministry of…  

Strengthening social workforce capacity in Turkmenistan

“Good social work carries unique, professional, and humanistic qualities [of social service workforce] in all its aspects: knowledge, skills and relations,” notes head of the training team who…  

Turkmenistan’s social service providers build up their capacities to pilot new community-based social services

Representatives of governmental and non-governmental social service providers from all the regions of Turkmenistan and the city of Ashgabat have built up their capacities in the course of a five-day…  

Social work specialists set off for two month field work after foundational training

45 social work specialists recruited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Turkmenistan have set off for two month field work in all the regions of Turkmenistan  

Discovering a new helping profession – a specialists of social work

UN-Turkmenistan Joint Programme on inclusive, quality and community-based social services aims to transform the social service provision system in Turkmenistan  

UN-Turkmenistan Joint Programme on community-based social services kicks off nationwide capacity building trainings of social work specialists

The UN-Turkmenistan Joint Programme on community-based social services started a series of capacity building trainings of social work specialists  

Hopes of Lachyn

One could easily observe Lachyn’s high spirit from her delighted smile when she entered the room on a wheelchair. Her purposeful, optimistic, and steadfast look was a kind of declaring there was no…  

UNDP Launches Classes for Online Literacy

The classes include trainings in basics of internet use and employment topics.  

UNDP makes an effort to empower Civil Society Organizations in Turkmenistan

The forum brought together over 40 participants to present best practices in the social contracting and discuss practical mechanisms for development of social services in Turkmenistan, particularly,…  

UNDP held a Training of Trainers on Human Rights

UNDP in Turkmenistan together with the Institute of State, Law and Democracy has organized a five-day training of trainers on Human Rights and International Mechanisms on Human Rights Protection  

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