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UNDP promotes the work of agro-information centers

Within the framework of the UNDP / GEF project a webinar “Establishing agricultural advisory services and knowledge dissemination services in Turkmenistan” was held  

Building resilience in Dashoguz and Lebap through local adaptation to climate change

UNDP and Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection of Turkmenistan support local farmers in Dashoguz and Lebap to adapt to the climate change and find alternative income  

UNDP conducts second campaign on waste management

The second campaign includes promotion and awareness raising on recycling of the paper and glass waste in addition to the plastic among the general population, staff of the state institutions, school…  

UNDP participates in national landscaping program

Approximately 5,900 seedlings of fruit and berry crops were planted on an area of about 4.0 ha of the research site in Geokdepe.  

UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan held a working meeting to develop a draft National Strategy for Waste Management

Participants touched upon issues of existing legislation in the field of waste management, the work of the project and the national consultant on the analysis of the current situation and improving…  

Vermicomposting - A Source of Alternative Income for Women in Agriculture

For several women in the Daikhan association “Vatan” and “Parakhat” of the Lebap province, the production of vermicompost (biohumus) has become the main activity that ensures the family's income and…  

Plastic Waste Management - First Step Towards Integrated Urban Development

In October 2019, the UNDP / GEF project purchased and installed metal containers for the collection and further disposal of plastic waste.  

UNDP and partners improve environmental monitoring systems in Ashgabat

Within the framework of the joint project “Sustainable Cities in Turkmenistan: Integrated Green Urban Development in Ashgabat and Awaza”, specialized equipment was purchased and installed to assess…  

UNDP Signs MoU with KSB Company to Reduce Carbon Footprint in Turkmenistan

KSB demonstrated its commitment to UN values by becoming a member of the UN Global Compact in 2010 and thereby linking its business practice to the Millennium Development Goals and then to Sustainable…  

Solar Energy to Power Water Supply in the Heart of Karakum Desert

Solar power supply systems with total electric capacity of 10 kW have been installed to demonstrate renewable-energy applications and encourage local population to use clean energy instead of…  

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