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Vermicomposting - A Source of Alternative Income for Women in Agriculture

For several women in the Daikhan association “Vatan” and “Parakhat” of the Lebap province, the production of vermicompost (biohumus) has become the main activity that ensures the family's income and…  

Towards decent work for people with disabilities in Turkmenistan: transforming social enterprises into meaningful training and employment opportunities

According to the Blind and Deaf Society of Turkmenistan - the main partner of this project from the national side (BDST/Society) - unemployment rate among people with visual and hearing impairment is…  

Plastic Waste Management - First Step Towards Integrated Urban Development

In October 2019, the UNDP / GEF project purchased and installed metal containers for the collection and further disposal of plastic waste.  

Innovation and adaptation to climate change in the heart of the desert

The restoration of Esenaman site and the catchment area on it will allow sheep flocks to be moved 30-35 km inland to the sands and will provide an opportunity for pastures of the Adjy Guyy site (30 km…  

Scaling up laser land leveling technology application in Turkmenistan

To solve the problems of irrigated agriculture due to the effects of climate change, it is necessary to carry out measures and introduce technologies to save water resources by reducing the irrational…  

UNDP and State Statistics Committee Strengthen National Capacity to Conduct Survey on Production of Goods and Provision of Services by Households

International and national experts covered a broad range of topics including establishing of the communication channels and improving communication skills with the interviewees, defining the…  

Nature-based solutions ensure water and energy efficiency for improved livelihood

To solve the issues of water and energy efficiency of water intake from Layinsuv, the joint project of UNDP/GEF and the State Committee for water management of Turkmenistan built a partnership to…  

UNDP and partners build cooperation in infectious materials transportation

UNDP and national partners build cooperation in infectious materials transportation to improve performance of TB laboratories  

Who is Your Role Model?

8 March 2019 Campaign  

UNDP makes an effort to empower Civil Society Organizations in Turkmenistan

The forum brought together over 40 participants to present best practices in the social contracting and discuss practical mechanisms for development of social services in Turkmenistan, particularly,…  

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