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Solar energy to power water supply in remote desert villages

The electrification of remote settlements through harnessing solar energy in the heart of Karakum desert  

Teaching sustainability in a biology classroom

Story about Mahliye, teacher of Biology from school of Koytendag promoting environmentally favorable behavior and teaching children to care about the nature  

Harnessing the power of gravity for local livelihood improvement

Khivaabad-Kaka gravity-driven water pipeline had been commissioned and was officially put into operation in April 2018, within the framework of the jointly implemented by the United Nations…  

Here is how you should sort and recycle waste

Can you think of how much waste do you produce? How much of it is paper? Glass? Plastic? What else do you waste? How do you handle it?  

Discovering a new helping profession – a specialists of social work

UN-Turkmenistan Joint Programme on inclusive, quality and community-based social services aims to transform the social service provision system in Turkmenistan  

How UNDP supports youth of its project

The project focuses on young people who go through various challenging life situations  

Successful employment story

The United Nations Development Programme within the project funded by the Japanese government, conducts trainings for young people in Ashgabat, Tejen, Turkmenabat, Mary, Turkmenbashi and Dashoguz…  

Young entrepreneurs expand the boundaries of self-employment during the global pandemic

For many young people looking to develop their own businesses, UNDP project, funded by the Government of Japan, “Strengthening Community Resilience and Regional Cooperation to Prevent Violent…  

Building resilience in Dashoguz and Lebap through local adaptation to climate change

UNDP and Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection of Turkmenistan support local farmers in Dashoguz and Lebap to adapt to the climate change and find alternative income  

Mobilize When the Crisis Hits: UNDP and Partners Distribute Support to the Affected by the Global Pandemic Situation in Turkmenistan

UNDP Turkmenistan country office has partnered with the public organization “Yenme” and the National Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan to identify the most in need under the current situation.  

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