Economic Diversification, and

Inclusive Growth

Programme at a glance

The Governance, economic diversification and inclusive growth programme has a very diverse portfolio which ranges from basic human rights awareness to strengthening statistical capacity and reforming the social and economic structures of the economy of Turkmenistan.

UNDP in Turkmenistan contributes to strengthening democratic principles, improving economic performance and fostering high living standards by supporting the development of responsive national institutions, strengthening human potential and nurturing inclusive participation in line with national development plans and priorities, including the SDGs. This includes improving national capacity to report to United Nations treaty bodies, increasing participation in the regional and global economic and trade processes, enhancing national employment and labour capacities and modernizing public administration.

The programme has significantly contributed to the nationalization and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals of Turkmenistan and transforming UNDP to take up its role of SDG integrator at the height of the UN reform.

With every opportunity arising, we foster human development in the heart of the economic growth of the country. We make every effort to make sure that the results of our work are sustainable and have long-term positive impact on people of Turkmenistan. We are enriching the transformations that the Government is undertaking with knowledge and innovations, making sure that no one is left behind.

$2.1 billion


Since 2005, UNDP has invested nearly US$2.1 billion to support better early warning systems, faster response times, enhanced policies and procedures, and long-term, resilient recovery.

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