Resilience, climate change

& energy

Promote sustainable practices

In Turkmenistan, UNDP works to strengthen national policy and laws and provide expertise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable practices on energy efficiency, the use of renewables, urban development and household waste management. This involves working closely with the Government to pilot and scale up specific initiatives and technologies aimed at improving resilience to climate change-related risks, ensuring biodiversity conservation, sustainable land use and water management, and facilitating better preparedness for natural disasters.

Our Goals

In Turkmenistan, UNDP is supporting the environmentally sustainable use of natural resources contributing to effectiveness of economic processes and better quality of life of the population. In this work, UNDP promotes investment in low-carbon technologies, energy efficiency strategies and use of alternative energy. UNDP works with the Government to improve ecosystem resilience to climatic risks, ensure sustainable biodiversity conservation and land use in the context of socio-economic development of Turkmenistan. Reduction of disaster and climate risks, adaptation of water management practices to climate change and support to overall institutional capacity building for effective environmental governance are also UNDP priorities.

$565 million


Every year, UNDP invests on average US$565 million to support inclusive governance and development where it most affects people: at the local level.

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