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Mahri Ahmedova, Director of Akylly Tilsimat

I wanted to write about an urgent topic today such as supporting start-up projects. Most often startups are the results of development of new ideas and projects that are useful in terms of microeconomics. Usually, these business projects are handled by companies with many years of experience and a good reputation in the industry.

From the moment of coming up with an idea to having a wholesome company, a start-up needs to go through a rather complicated path. In addition to that, it is necessary to pay attention to a proper presentation of the idea, development of a business plan, marketing research, team building and legal support. Only after that, you can look for an investment, which in this concept determines whether a new business will get a chance to get off the ground. However, sometimes even that is not enough. In the early years of a company's existence, it is vital to have a support in organizing and proper implementation of a development strategy, as well as in building business processes.

What actually happens in life?

An idea is born and often a person does not know what to do next. How to develop it and where to get an advice? Many of the startup initiators do not believe in their own strength and, as a result, the idea is either doomed or someone more confident in their own capabilities puts it into practice. Exactly based on these considerations, we have launched startup accelerator.

The accelerator is a booster for a project development through mentoring and investing at a stage when a team is already formed, and a product prototype is in place. This is a short-term project (in our case, in the field of IT) for an average of 1-2 months. Each our participant took part in a competition to become a resident of our accelerator. With our help, startups can move from a prototype to a product with aligned business processes. In the accelerator, the concept and perspective of the project are vital. In addition to mentoring, infrastructure, information and technical support, we establish a communication with an investor and assist in a project’s entry into a market.

By setting an example, we show young people that it is possible and necessary to develop their ideas. Our company employs young people who have experience and are focused on results. A significant part in building a successful team takes an initiative to develop the company based on holocracy or turquoise model and this means - self-management, integrity and mutual trust. That is why many ideas are born and developed.

Brilliant ideas come to people regardless of their social status and remoteness from large financial centers. We believe that everyone should have a chance to be heard and that it is in our power to build and unite the business community not only within one state, but also to broaden the horizons in collaboration with colleagues and partners from around the world. This would influence the growth of economy and increase a number of entrepreneurs and self-employed enthusiasts; thus, create new workplaces for different social groups.

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