People with unlimited abilities


What do you know about people with disabilities? How do they live? Where do they work? How do they spend time? What do you think about the lives of people who are different from you?

“People with unlimited abilities” project is a contribution to the fight against social stigma against people with disabilities. The goal of each story is to illustrate a personal story of a person who overcomes the burden of disability and demonstrates that there are no limits to development.

We are well aware of the obstacles that every person with disabilities faces every day. Through these stories, we talk about the struggles and successes of three people with various health problems.


While millions of people with disabilities in Turkmenistan and in the whole world fight for their health, overcome low self-esteem and employment obstacles, we draw portraits of strong people, role models and heroes of our time, characters that many of us miss.

Shohrat / Madina / Nurtach – are success stories.

Let’s create inclusive environment for each of us.

Read, recharge, get inspired, share your own stories.



To watch the videos follow the links: 

"People with unlimited abilities" Madina _ Eng

«Люди с неограниченными возможностями» - Madina _ Rus

«Люди с неограниченными возможностями» - Nurtach_RUS

«Çäklendirilmedik mümkinçiligi bolan adamlar» - Nurtach _Turkmen

People with unlimited abilities - Nurtach_Eng

«Люди с неограниченными возможностями» - Shohrat_Rus

«Çäklendirilmedik mümkinçiligi bolan adamlar» - Sohrat TM

"People with unlimited abilities" - Shohrat ENG


“People with unlimited abilities”.


The campaign runs until December 25, 2019. Follow us on Instagram @undp_turkmenistan


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