Marking 3 December 2020. International Day of Persons with Disabilities


Allamurat Yegendurdyev - participant of UNDP's Career Fair for PWDs and private sector of Turkmenistan / UNDP Turkmenistan 2018

The world annually marks 3 December as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The theme of the year 2020 is "NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE VISIBLE".

According to the WHO World Report on Disability, 15 per cent of the world’s population, or more than 1 billion people, are living with disability. Of this number, it’s estimated 450 million are living with a mental or neurological condition— and two-thirds of these people will not seek professional medical help, largely due to stigma, discrimination and neglect.


Not only disabilities, but the work of many organizations and people behind those organizations remains invisible. In this regard, UNDP in Turkmenistan has interviewed members and founders of two public associations working to promote the rights and opportunities of the persons with disabilities. Those are “Yenme” and the “Centre for support of people with disabilities”.

Why did you decide to work on the subject of disability?

What are the objectives of the organization?

Is it hard to work with persons with disabilities?

Those are the types of questions which we asked. Some of the answers are presented here, and you can find more through our social media channels.

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