UN agencies announce support for the SDG implementation in Turkmenistan

Mar 30, 2018

Ashgabat, 30 March 2018: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) presented the recommendations of the MAPS (Mainstreaming, acceleration and policy support) mission on further steps of SDG implementation in Turkmenistan to the National Working Group on the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Batyr Bazarov, Minister of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan and Ms. Elena Panova, the UN Resident Coordinator. 130 government officials, members of the academia, representatives of the public associations and staff of the UN agencies attended the event.

During the meeting, the MAPS mission report was presented outlining the key recommendations. These included a set of measures to ensure a coordinated approach to SDG implementation, developing the statistical potential and data collection on SDGs, establishing the practice of regular reporting and finding alternative sources of financing.

“A crucial moment in the realizations of recommendations within the priority areas is the strengthening of coordination within SDG Working group, including support for UN agencies in implementing Agenda 2030 in the country” has stressed Elena Panova, UN Resident Coordinator in Turkmenistan.

Following the MAPS mission report presentation, on behalf of the UN country team, Vitalie Vremis, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, described the collective UN offer of support to the Government of Turkmenistan. This included a number of initiatives in the SDG acceleration areas: inclusive and sustainable growth though economic diversification and human development, social development where no one is left behind, increasing sustainability and adaptation potential to climate change.

A key proposal included the establishment of an integrated SDG platform to support coordination, policy coherence, monitoring, and financing of SDG. The concept was presented for the first time in Turkmenistan and is in line with the new UNDP strategic plan 2018-2021 direction of the UNDP role in the UN Development System.

Participants of the working group agreed that members of the working group will provide their feedback detailing the acceleration plan for SDG implementation on individual agency basis.

In 2017, Turkmenistan was one of the first five countries in Europe and CIS to host the MAPS mission which provided practical solutions to accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030 in the country. The National Working Group on the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was formed in 2015 for nationalization and implementation of the Agenda 2030 in Turkmenistan. Upon completion of the first stage of implementation of SDGs, the Ministry of Finance and Economy was assigned the role of the national coordinator of the SDG implementation process, the State Statistics Committee is tasked to collect data on SDG targets and indicators adopted in Turkmenistan.

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