Adaptation to Climate Change Project Draws Its Final Results

Aug 18, 2017

Ashgabat, 18 August 2017: UNDP and the State Committee for Nature Protection and Land Resources jointly with partners at national and local level discussed the final results of the project “Addressing Climate Change Risks to Farming Systems in Turkmenistan at National and Community Level” funded by the Adaptation Fund.

During the concluding project board meeting the findings of the independent evaluation of the project were presented. The participants assessed the work of the State Committee for Nature Protection and Land Management and local partners supported by a UNDP team of local and international experts as satisfactory.

“This project of UNDP and the Adaptation Fund has been a flagship action to fight climate change in Turkmenistan. This is a unique project in our country and one of the first in the region to be funded under the Adaptation Fund. The results accomplished drew the attention of the project donor, who chose Turkmenistan for their monitoring mission back in June 2017,” stated Vitalie Vremis, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative.

Participants noted that the project has exceeded its expected results and reached about 70 000 direct and indirect beneficiaries of its activities.

“The project addressed the needs of the local communities related to the changes in weather conditions for farming caused by climate change. Those conditions include drought, shortage of water, desertification. We have continuously consulted with the local communities to find the best solution for their needs in an existing context,” stated Rahmanberdi Hanekov, UNDP/AF project manager.

Members of the meeting discussed lessons learned and the results, including the final evaluation of the project. It was noted that the project was successful in creating a blend between the traditional technologies and innovation, and adopting the actions relevant to the national context. Thus, the project has contributed to policy reform and change of legislation relevant to rural water and land management. It has also created a solid ground for operation of independent water users’ groups within farming unions which were later empowered by adoption of the new Water Code.

Members of the board noted that the project leaves many products which can be used by the future projects working on adaptation and mitigation of climate change effects: the manuals and training materials for farmers and cattle breeders, policy analysis and legal reform advice, publications and equipment. Participants drew results and scope of action to complete the project in September.

Adaptation remains a high economic priority of the country, especially in terms of rational use of water and land. Thus, the project results constitute a solid baseline platform for taking the adaptation agenda of the Government of Turkmenistan to a new quality level. The findings and lessons learned of the project will be essential for the development of the new UNDP project proposal to the Adaptation Fund. 

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