UNDP Presents on Central Asian International Environmental Forum in Ashgabat

Jun 9, 2017

Participants of the Climate Change and Water Cooperation Forum in Ashgabat / Turkmenistan The Golden Age

Ashgabat, 5-7 June 2017: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) contributed to the Central Asian International Environmental Forum organized by the Regional Environment Centre for Central Asia (CAREC).

The theme of the forum “Climate change and water cooperation in the context of Sustainable development in Central Asia” attracted more than 100 participants from government and diplomatic missions, multilateral development banks, environment sector representatives, civil society and academia. The objective of the forum was to find a systematic approach, promote and strengthen regional dialogue on climate change and water issues.

UNDP has presented its experience in the field of climate change and water management, explored successful projects and results accomplished in Turkmenistan and set priorities for future partnerships.

“UNDP is one of the most active organizations in the region of Central Asia in the sphere of fighting climate change effects, enhancing dialogue and putting forward initiatives in this sphere. There are several SDGs on environment which UNDP actively promotes. In Turkmenistan, we have established joint portfolios with the Government addressing the needs of the country. We are searching for the most optimal solutions through research and in consultations aiming to balance and find synergies between food, water and energy production and use,” stated Elena Panova, UNDP Resident Representative.

Participants addressed importance of saving and protecting of the environment. Representatives of Central Asian states shared their experience of working on environment protection. Each representative of five states stressed the influence of climate change on agriculture which leads to scarcity of water and as a result lack of agricultural products for the country.

UNDP has shared its experience of promoting climate resilience programmes by addressing climate change issues. International organizations showcased their potential and ability to support transition to green economies, support of legal reform and institutions to promote sustainable development 

Further, participants discussed existing and emerging financial mechanisms for environment programmes, where cooperation between private and public organizations plays important role. Delegates also addressed the topic of the role of media and raising awareness in the process of fighting the climate change.

As a result of the forum, participants compiled a list of recommendations on how to develop a sustained cooperation among international and national institutions for environment and water management in Central Asia.

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Mr. Rovshen Nurmuhamedov
Programme Officer

Amangul Ovezberdyyeva
Project Manager
E-mail: amangul.ovezberdyyeva@undp.org


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