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Apr 13, 2017

Ashgabat, 28 March - 4 April 2017: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) held a study visit to Israel for seven experts of the national agencies of Turkmenistan. The study tour took place under the project “Supporting climate resilient livelihoods in agricultural communities in drought-prone areas of Turkmenistan” funded by the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) of the Global Environment Facility.

The study visit was organized and held by the Galilee International Management Institute based in Mizra kibbutz. The main topic of the visit is ration and effective water management.

“The aim of the study visit was to familiarize experts from Turkmenistan with the agricultural practices in Israel with the focus on sustainable agriculture, planning and application of new technologies. Special attention was paid to the topic of rational and effective use of water resources, which is an important factor in sustainable agriculture,” explains Project manager Amangul Ovezberdiyeva.

During the study visit, participants were introduced to the concept of collective communities of Israel based on agricultural “kibbutz”, undertook a seminar on dripping irrigation system, water consumption by plants and regulation of water supply for the fields. In addition, the delegation visited farms to see the technology of growing vegetables in greenhouses in arid regions of the country.

Participants were introduced to the system of introduction of new technologies and innovation. In one of the training regions, the delegation was familiarized with the work of the regional water association of the Jordan Valley, which implements the principles of integrated water resources management. This experience can be useful for expanding the activities of water users' groups in Turkmenistan, which are at the developing stage.

“Israel, just as Turkmenistan, is a country with limited water resources and it is vital to save every drop of water and every piece of land. In Israel, we saw innovative technologies allowing nature preservation while intensive agricultural development and increase of crops," said representative of the State Committee for Nature Protection and Land Resources of Turkmenistan Annamuhammet Garajaev.

Delegation from Turkmenistan also visited the factory for production of irrigation equipment and studied methods of integrated water resources management. In the framework of the visit, participants also considered legal base, economic and political methods of water management under the condition of arid climate.

Participants aim to spread their experience and obtained knowledge among their colleagues and apply them during implementation of UNDP/GEF project.

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