UNDP, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources Discuss Scientific Research Projects

Apr 11, 2017

Ashgabat, 10 April 2017: About 20 representatives of the national agencies and scientific research institutions discussed current state and gradual implementation of the project by UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources to create a pilot research site in Geokdepe. Participants of the roundtable noted that UNDP/GEF project has already completed many tasks at the 145 ha of land, however, more work has to be done in 2017.

The Geokdepe site belongs to the Turkmen State Water Engineering Research and Production Institute “Turkmensuvylymtaslama”. The research is implemented under UNDP project “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Water Management in Turkmenistan” funded by the Global Environment Facility and UNDP.

“UNDP projects deliver one of the very important functions in water and land management which is scientific research for informed decision making in the agriculture. Through our research, we aim to find the most effective methods of irrigation and land cultivation, and identify the most drought-resistant crops,” explained UNDP consultant Dr. Akmal Karimov.


The project of UNDP, GEF and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources was started in the end of 2015. During 2016, project has implemented following works:


·         Complex engineering-geodetic and engineering-geological surveys and complex agrochemical analysis of soil samples were taken in 17 locations at a depth of 0-30 cm, 30-100 cm

·         The herbicide treatment of the existing collector network and the mechanized cleaning of the on-farm collector-drainage network with a total length of 9.66 km, as well as the reconstruction of tubular crossings

·         The old irrigation canals (2 km) are eliminated, constructed the backup canal from the breakthrough of the pressure pipe (450 m)

·         A scheme of seeding and exploitation of fields by farmers and scientists was proposed up to 2021 and joint work was carried out with specialists of "Turkmenwylylytaslama" on planning of crop rotation and placing agricultural crops

·         A field camp and a gravel road of 420 m were constructed to conduct research and prepare scientific works for students and post-graduate students; a pumping station, transformer substations and reinforced concrete pillars with power transmission lines to supply electric energy to irrigation facilities and structures were constructed; a horizontal desilting tank for micro-irrigation systems was also put in place

Participants of the roundtable decided that the scientific research institutes and the Turkmen Agricultural University will send the topics of research works relevant to the irrigated agriculture to be conducted in Geokdepe site to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources for approval.


Contact information

Geldi Myradov
Project Manager
E-mail: geldi.myradov@undp.org

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