Lessons Learned and Experience to Adapt: Study Visit to Belarus

Aug 3, 2016

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Ashgabat, 27 July 2016: UNDP hosted a senior level meeting with deputy ministers of line agencies who took part in the study visit of the Turkmen energy experts to Belarus on June 25 – July 2 under UNDP/GEF project “Improving Energy Efficiency in the Residential Building Sector of Turkmenistan”. The purpose of the roundtable was to share the best practices and provide recommendations on activities in the area of energy efficiency in residential buildings sector that could be adopted in Turkmenistan.

Representatives of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture, State Design Scientific-Production Association “Turkmendovlettaslama”, State Concern “Turkmengaz”, Ministry of Communal Services, and Ministry of Industry took part in the event.

“The aim of the study tour to Belarus was to learn and adapt the best experience in the production and use of advanced materials and technologies for energy-efficient construction of residential buildings in Turkmenistan. In particular, the expansion of product line of heat-insulating building materials, launch of new multi-layer wall panels for the construction of standard high-rise buildings and low-rise cottage type buildings. That is why it is so important to hold the roundtable at the highest level, and we are very pleased to see that our line ministries have positively responded to this initiative,” said Irina Atamuradova, UNDP Project Manager.

Representatives of the line ministries considered how to organize a production of the energy efficient equipment in Turkmenistan, such as fluorescent lamps, thermostats, insulating materials. Participants also discussed establishing of a call-center for residents to ensure timely maintenance of the communal facilities. Particular attention was paid to the heating systems using heat-recuperation ventilation and geothermal heating and cooling technologies and different solar technologies for supplying hot water.

“We are gathering to share the expertise that UNDP transfers to its national partners and scale up the impact of our work. It gives me a pleasure to see that the issues raised by UNDP in the areas of energy efficiency are considered at the highest level of the line ministries of Turkmenistan. Our experts are always open to share what new opportunities and innovation it the field of energy efficiency can be brought to the country,” said Jacinta Barrins, UNDP Resident Representative.

UNDP project members delivered a presentation on results of the work implemented in Turkmenistan, and made suggestions how to scale up the achievements to the national level.

As a result of the roundtable, participants compiled a list of actions to be studied and piloted in Turkmenistan within the cooperation of the national ministries and UNDP. 

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