Turkmen energy experts visit Belarus to learn how they include energy efficiency measures in residential buildings

Jul 15, 2016

Sharing best practices in energy efficiency / UNDP Belarus

Ashgabat, 3 July 2016: A group of energy experts from Turkmenistan visited Belarus on June 25 – July 2 to learn their practices and experience in how they include energy efficiency measures in the construction of residential houses.

The visit was organized as part of the UNDP Turkmenistan project "Improving Energy Efficiency in the Residential Building Sector of Turkmenistan" funded by the Global Environment Fund.

The delegation visited energy efficient buildings in Minsk, Hrodna and Mahileu, and were shown the heating systems using heat-recuperation ventilation and geothermal heating and cooling technologies and different solar technologies for supplying hot water.

“During this trip we have observed many different energy efficiency technics, and I personally was very interested in the recovery system. We will study Belarus’ experience on recovery system and see how we can adopt it to the national context,” said representative of the Turkmengaz concern.

During the working meetings, representatives of Turkmenistan and Belarus' energy sectors discussed the current trends and the new technologies in the field of energy efficiency, and shared the best practices from the two countries. The programme also included discussions and roundtables with representatives of Belarus’ building contractors, communal services agencies, and residents of the energy efficient buildings.

Delegates  visited the factories that produce the energy efficient products including multi-layers panels. Turkmen specialists also visited the cities Contact Center that provides a single point for requests from residents of Minsk to address the issues related to  housing and communal services.

"Turkmenistan and Belarus are implementing two similar projects in the field of improving energy efficiency in residential buildings and both are supported by UNDP . It is always very useful to learn the experiences from similar projects. Today, we have learned how Belarus produces its own energy efficient materials and uses it in the construction around the country, this is something I would like to promote in Turkmenistan” noted UNDP Project Manager Irina Atamuradova.

The delegates of the Turkmen Design Institute carefully examined Belarus' experience in introducing solar collectors for hot water supply. The use of solar collectors is expected to be incorporated into  the designs of buildings to be constructed throughout Turkmenistan in the coming years. 

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Irina Atamuradova
Project Manager
E-mail: irina.atamuradova@undp.org

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