UNDP and National Partners to Launch a New Project on Climate Change

May 20, 2016

Representatives of the national ministries and agencies finalize UNDP/GEF project proposal.

Ashgabat, 20 May 2016: The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) together with the National Committee for Nature Protection of Turkmenistan held the final discussion on the draft project proposal to be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.

The new project “Support climate resilient livelihoods of the agricultural communities in drought-affected areas of Turkmenistan” funded by the Global Environment Fund aims at improving of the land and water management under the condition of climate change. The project will create a solid basis for economically sustainable and climate resilient livelihoods in the agricultural communities of Lebal and Dashoguz regions of Turkmenistan.

“Agriculture and adaptation to the climate change is one of the priorities of the Government of Turkmenistan included into the national strategies and sectoral development plans. We have worked together with UNDP on a number of projects such as land degradation, ecological monitoring and analysis, and creating database on nature reserves and protection. The new project is very welcomed and is expected to give an impetus to greater cooperation,” said Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Nature Protection of Turkmenistan.

The project will contribute to implementation of the national strategy on climate change, as well as the sectoral plans of action prepared jointly with UNDP. It will also help the National Committee on Nature Protection and local authorities implement national strategies and goals. The project includes implementation of the relevant SDGs’ targets and its replication shall promote sustainable living in the desert-prone areas of the country.

Participants of the meeting provided recommendations on how to improve the subject and the focus of the planned activities. In particular, it was suggested to include technologies and actions on filtering of the water. The proposal was finalized and sent to the review and approval by the Cabinet.

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Mr. Rovshen Nurmuhamedov
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