UNDP visits the 145 ha research site where they will work with government to research many irrigation related issues

Feb 26, 2016

UNDP at project site / UNDP Turkmenistan

Ashgabat, 24-25 February 2016: The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Resident Representative Jacinta Barrins and Deputy Resident Representative Vitalie Vremis visited two sites as part of the joint government-UNDP project  “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Water Management in Turkmenistan”.  

The first site visited was to the proposed source of water for a gravity flow water system to be constructed to supply Kahka town. The purpose of the visit was to view the source of the water  and to discuss possible options for the direction of the pipes that will take the water from the source to  Kaka town some 20 km away.

This proposed additional water to the inhabitants of those living in Kahka, will allow some of the exiting deep boreholes supplying water to  Kahka  to be decommissioned, thus reducing the green house gases levels. Currently water is taken from the sources is fed to Kahka through open cannels. However,  they have gone into disrepair over the years  causing substantial water loss. Replacing these open canals with a closed piped system will eliminate water leakages.

The second site visited by UNDP and government officials was a 145 ha research site belonging to the Water Design Institute “Turkmensouvylymtaslama” in the Geokdepe district. The UNDP and government joint project will conduct various research activities related to testing different irrigation types and their potential impact on soil quality, soil salinity, water drainage levels and crop yields.

"This proposed research has great potential as the research site is very large and the period of the research will be over six years. This will allows many irrigations related issues to be scientifically addressed and we hope to engage many scientists at the site," said Ms Jacinta Barrins.

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UNDP Project Manager
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