Human Development Report 2015 launched in Turkmenistan

Feb 18, 2016

Ashgabat, 16 February 2016: The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection have officially launched the Human Development Report 2015 titled “Work for Human Development”.

The launch took place with participation of more than 50 ministries, national agencies, public associations and the UN agencies. The event was opened by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection who underlined the importance and relevance of the key question addressed in the report, namely, how does work contribute to Human Development.

In her speech UNDP Resident Representative Jacinta Barrins set out the four types of work defined in the report, paid work, care work, voluntary work and creative work. She went on to explain the types of work that can lead to human development and those types that do not for example forced labor and underpaid work including unpaid care work.  She also shared the many recommendations in the report on how national governments can create jobs and on how to increase the skills knowledge of employees once they are employed.

She concluded her speech by encouraging the students present to explore the topic. “I hope that today’s event will create an interest among students and academia to research the topic of human development further and we as the UN agencies would be very pleased to support your research efforts in this regard”.

Specially invited UNDP Senior Advisor Dr. Ben Slay delivered a presentation on the content of the HDR 2015 and emphasized that Human development is about enlarging individual choices, be they economic, social or political. He emphasized that increasingly governments around the world understand this need and are moving away from the narrow economic focus of development to a much broader focus on sustainable human development. Dr. Slay also explained how the Human Development Index is calculated.

Representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection delivered a presentation on how Turkmenistan is implementing human development  and the many  socio-economic state programmes currently being implemented including the Programme on employment .

“This programme aims at improving the employment opportunities for youth. It also includes the provisions on retraining of the cadres in line with the changing demands of the market and the economy of Turkmenistan. The new Programme and the Action plan encourage development of the private sector and entrepreneurship, as well as creating necessary conditions for the vulnerable groups of people not able to compete in the environment of the market economy,” she said.

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