Strengthening legal framework for rational use of water resources and community-level water management

Jul 14, 2014

During the discussions (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

Within the framework of the AF/UNDP/MNP project on “Addressing climate change risks to farming system in Turkmenistan, at the national and local levels”, local experts discussed proposals and recommendations for improving the legal framework on the use and management of water resources and introducing amendments to the law of Turkmenistan “On Farmers’ Associations”.

Local experts  reviewed legal proposals to improve the Code of Turkmenistan “On Water Resources” (2004) adapting it to the context of the national climate change agenda and discussed the proposals of introducing the concepts of integrated water resources management (IWRM) into the Water Code as well. The recommendations developed by AF project foresee a gradual transformation to the integrated water management based on the basin principle. The project experts recommended to expand the public participation in the water management, including the establishment of associations and groups of water users (WUA/WUG). In addition, the participants of the working meeting have discussed the improvement of legal regulations to accommodate the use of differentiated tariffs for water supply services rendered to local farmers.

Recommendations to introduce relevant water related amendments to the Law of Turkmenistan “On Farmers’ Associations” (2007) were also discussed. In particular, the proposals suggest using farmers’ associations and their structural units (groups of tenants - formerly farm brigades) where appropriate to function as WUA/WUG, provided that the appropriate changes are made into the national legislation in this regard.

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Project Manager, AF Project
Mr. Ahmet Shadurdiev

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