Local communities mobilized to achieve greater water use efficiency and increase resilience against climate change impacts

Jun 16, 2014

During the training (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

Two-day trainings on effective water management at community to increase resilience against climate change impacts were conducted during April-June, 2014 in three regions - Sakarchaga, Karakum and Nohur. The trainings were organized within the framework of project on “Addressing climate change risks to farming systems in Turkmenistan at national and community levels” (AF project) jointly implemented by Adaptation Fund/ United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)/Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan.

Heads of brigades, managers and mirabs (local water managers) of farmer associations, as well as local land users, school teachers and other representatives from local communities of the three regions attended to the training. Sakarchaga, Karakum and Nohur were selected as pilot regions of the AF project as they represent three typical  agro-climatic zones in Turkmenistan and local communities in these regions are facing increasing vulnerability due to climate change.  In the course of two days of the trainings, participants learned theoretical and practical knowledge of effective management of water resources at the local level and became familiar with the existing water legislation of Turkmenistan, organizational modalities of water management at the national and local levels, as well as the functioning experience of associations and groups of water users (WUA/WUG) in other countries.

As results of the trainings, participants have developed the plans for conduction of works in the focus groups.  Using these plans, AF project will be able to analyze in a short time the local needs of water users, collect proposals from local communities to mitigate the negative impact of climate change on their agriculture and water economy.  In the final session of the training, participants had an opportunity to get acquainted and trained to methods of the development of short and long-term plans of water user groups.

Contact information

Project Manager, AF Project
Mr. Ahmet Shadurdiev
E-mail: ahmet.shadurdiev@undp.org