Turkmenistan exchange experience on meteo-forecasting and monitoring with Kazakh specialists

May 19, 2014

Mr.Iskakov, representative of Kazhydromet shares experience on agrometeorological forecasting (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

A one-day consultative meeting on meteo-forecasting and monitoring of grain crop productivity in the context of climate change was held within the framework of the UNDP project of Climate risk management in Turkmenistan. The main purpose of the meeting was to strengthen national hydrometeorological service through regional cooperation for improving its capacity and information delivery system.

The event was organized in close collaboration with the Climate Risk Management project in Kazakhstan. Representatives of Kazhydromet, Kostanay Agricultural Research Institute and National Center of Space Research and Technology exchanged experience with their counterparts in Turkmenistan on remote sensing and GIS application in agricultural meteorology, and using the space technologies in monitoring of natural and anthropogenic processes which impact to environment: desertification, water consumption, farming agriculture and afforestation.

Turkmen specialists of hydro-meteorological services discussed the national priorities and prospects for improving meteorological monitoring, mechanism of delivery of hydro-meteorological information and climate database in the context of climate change.

UNDP Central Asia Multi-Country Programme on Climate Risk Management (CA-CRM) has been implemented since 2011 in all five Central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Climate Risk Management in Turkmenistan project aims to enhance the capacity of Turkmenistan to mitigate climate risks by strengthening the institutional, legal and technical capacities of key institutions in order to achieve a better understanding and awareness of climatic risks.

Contact information

Project Manager, CRM Project
Ms. Mahrijemal Hudayberdiyeva
E-mail: mahrijemal.hudayberdiyeva@undp.org

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