Inputs of national stakeholders on climate change impacts in Turkmenistan

May 5, 2014

The workshop participants discuss the results of moderated work on climate risk assessment (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

In the last week of April, a second round of a climate risk assessment workshop was organised within the framework of the UNDP project of Climate Risk Management in Turkmenistan.

The main goal of the workshop was to provide a forum for key stakeholders to discuss the findings from national consultations on long- and short-term impacts of climate change and further expert inputs for climate risk assessment at national level.

The workshop brought together representatives from line ministries and various governmental agencies responsible for weather forecasting and monitoring, nature protection, economic development, water resources, land, agriculture development, disaster risk management and health protection.

The workshop included the detailed discussions on priorities on climate- and weather related hazards, key aspects of vulnerability of the main sectors of economy and population to the long-term impacts of climate change and current climate variability as defined during the meeting in January 2014. The moderated work for workshop participants also addressed potential damage and likelihood of occurrence (return periods) of priority hazards for both current time and in future (2030).

Dr. Yegor Volovik, Regional Programme Coordinator for the Central Asian Climate Risk Management Programme highlighted the role of stakeholders in development of adequate climate risk management measures for Turkmenistan to increase the resilience of population to current and future climate and disaster risks. He presented the results of similar expert meetings and assessments of Uzbekistan project.

Following this workshop, Climate Risk Management in Turkmenistan project is planning to summarise and present the results of national stakeholder consultations in the form of a Climate Risk Assessment for Turkmenistan with the assistance of regional team later in 2014.

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