Turkmenistan delegation gets familiarized with the processes of elections in Germany

Feb 17, 2014

Study visit participants learn German experience on electoral proceses (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

In the last week of January 2014, five members of the Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan (CEC) and two representatives of its Executive Body, a member of the Parliament of Turkmenistan, and a representative of the National Institute of Democracy and Human Rights under the President of Turkmenistan studied the electoral systems and processes practiced in Germany. The study visit was organized within the jointly implemented by UNDP and the CEC of Turkmenistan Project “Enhancing Electoral Systems and Processes in Turkmenistan”.

Role of political parties in elections, their electoral platform, planning of electoral campaigns, and the role of mass media in the processes of elections in Germany were the major topics presented to the Turkmen participants in the course of study visit. The focus of knowledge exchange was on potentials for applying those practices in Turkmenistan in line with the country’s efforts in the areas of democratization.

The delegation had meetings and discussions with representatives of various political parties that participated in elections to Bundestag (the national parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany), mass media, a member of Bundestag, a staff of the Federal Center of Political Development of Germany, and with representatives of some other institutions involved in election processes. All these activities helped Turkmenistan representatives to increase their knowledge in the field of electoral processes in Germany. The details of legislative basis, elections at large, mechanisms and procedures for conducting elections at municipal, land, federal and Euro-parliamentary levels were presented to the Turkmenistan delegation.

Ms. Suzanna Lin, Head of Department on Parliament and MPs Administration of the German Bundestag, has focused her presentation on the formulation of structures of Parliament that was newly elected on 22 September 2013 and consists of four political parties of Germany.

Mr. Allaberdi Ussayev, Deputy Head of the CEC noted that the experience and detailed study of the electoral systems of Germany is very useful and represent certain values for the processes of enhancement of electoral systems in Turkmenistan.

The Project “Enhancing Electoral Systems and Processes in Turkmenistan” is jointly implemented by the UNDP Turkmenistan and the CEC of Turkmenistan with financial support of the British Embassy in Turkmenistan. The project aims at supporting the country’s sustainable development in the processes of its democratization, especially in the field of elections.

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