Domestic observers were trained on their functions during election processes

Dec 11, 2013

Mr. Shalva Tskhakaya explains the roles of domestic observers during elections (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

In October in “Ak Altyn” hotel, a two-day training for domestic observers on applying international standards and national legislation in the election system was conducted under UNDP project of Enhancing Electoral System and Processes in Turkmenistan.

Training participants learned international observation principles and rules, the methodology of preparation of reviews and reports on the results of conducted electoral campaigns. International Consultant Mr. Shalva Tskhakaya, approached an interactive method and participants actively discussed forms and methods of development of observation plans of actions to be implemented before, on the e-day, and after the elections. The importance of coordination of work of domestic observers with local mass media was also mentioned during the training. Participants of the training were domestic observers representing political parties and public organizations, as well as representatives from the Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan. Total number of participants was 15 persons, including 5 women.

“Participation on this important training will contribute to further democratization of election system, strengthening the institutionalization of domestic observers, as well as increasing the capacity building of staff of election commissions on the eve of preparation and organization of upcoming parliamentary elections on multi-party basis in December 2013”, noted Ms. Nurjahan Annadurdyyeva, representative from the Youth Union of Turkmenistan.

During the working meeting with Head Officials of the Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan, International Consultant Mr. Shalva Tskhakaya commended this training as very useful in the process of increasing capacity building of domestic observers, as well as engagement of political parties and public organizations in this process. CEC supported the recommendations of International Consultant to establish special training programmes to train domestic observers.

“Enhancing Electoral system and processes in Turkmenistan” Project is jointly implemented by the UNDP Turkmenistan and the CEC of Turkmenistan with financial support of the British Embassy in Turkmenistan. The project aims at supporting the country’s sustainable development in the process of its democratization, especially in the field of elections.

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