National stakeholders review international experience in promoting rights of persons with disabilities

Jul 11, 2013

Training participants discuss international practice on CRPD implementation (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

Experts and specialists of the national institutions and organizations responsible for implementation of Turkmenistan’s social policy and programmes, including members of the Blind and Deaf Society of Turkmenistan (BDST) came together at a three-day workshop (8-10 July) to review the international experience in implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The workshop titled International Practice and Successful Examples of Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was facilitated by international consultant Ms Janina Arsenjeva, who worked for the European Disability Forum in Brussels (Belgium) as Human Rights and European Parliament officer.

The workshop participants learned the experience of different countries such as Austria, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, France and USA in implementing the CRPD, including strategies and programmes of the European Union in this area. They also reviewed the disability-related international practices in the areas of education, health, lawmaking, social protection and employment.

According to member of the Mejlis from the Committee on Economic and Social Policy Maral Paltayeva, “the workshop exposed national stakeholders to many successful international practices in establishing inclusive education, creating employment opportunities, facilitating access to transportation and buildings. They can be reviewed more closely in terms of adapting them to local context.”

The core message for the participants was that social inclusion and equal opportunities for people with disabilities can be best promoted by shifting from charity and medical based approach to a human rights based approach. In this regard, changes in the national legislation and strategies focusing on the rights of people with disabilities can help establish mechanisms and structures to ensure realization of their economic, social, political, and cultural rights.

The seminar was organized in the framework of the project “Advancement of Social Inclusion and Integration of Persons with Disabilities” implemented by the United Nations Development Programme jointly with the Blind and Deaf Society of Turkmenistan with financial support from the Government of Finland.

As part of this project, UNDP and the Blind and Deaf Society of Turkmenistan are working together with the Government to promote employment opportunities for people with disabilities and, most importantly, to review the national legislation for compliance with the CRPD and draft a National Action Plan on people with disabilities.

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