Turkmenistan, UNDP to strengthen cooperation in environment, energy and climate change

Apr 18, 2013

The Karakum Desert (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Turkmenistan have held consultations on prospects of expanding cooperation in the area of environmental protection, energy efficiency and climate change as well as the progress in implementing on-going projects, in this field. The consultations were facilitated by Ms. Jacinta Barrins, UNDP Resident Representative in Turkmenistan, and Mr. Martin Krause, Environment and Energy Practice Team Leader from the UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre for Europe and CIS, who was in Ashgabat on a working visit. The consultations were held with national partners including the Ministry of Power Engineering, the Ministry of Nature Protection, the Ministry of Economy and Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.

The consultations covered a number of important topics, including promotion of the UN Secretary General “Sustainable Energy for All” initiative in Turkmenistan. Countries around the world that signed up to this initiative have committed to promoting energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy technologies and providing access to affordable and modern energy services for all, including remote rural populations.

In the course of consultations the sides looked at the prospects of establishing a National Climate Fund in Turkmenistan, which could be a significant source of funding for climate adaptation and mitigation projects in the country. One of the functions of such fund, together with the Regional Climate Change Centre, which is pursued by the Government with UNDP support, will be to support implementation of Turkmenistan’s National Climate Change Strategy. 

In addition, the consultations provided the opportunity to discuss some new project ideas including one related to introducing solar energy technology for irrigation in the agricultural sector.

Turkmenistan faces challenges related to the consequences of climatic changes, the sustainable management of natural resources and also the efficient use of energy resources. The area of environment, energy and climate change is an important part of the cooperation framework between the Government of Turkmenistan and UNDP.

UNDP in Turkmenistan is supporting the implementation of projects and programmes on climate adaptation, energy efficiency and biodiversity. UNDP provides policy advice and knowledge sharing to introduce energy efficiency technologies into construction sector and the use of alternative energy in agriculture UNDP works with the Government to improve sustainable biodiversity conservation and land use in the context of socio-economic development of Turkmenistan. UNDP is also assisting Turkmenistan in the work on disaster reduction management, adaptation of water management practices to climate change and overall institutional capacity building for effective environmental governance.

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