Research Site in Geokdepe Gets Green!

Jan 25, 2018

Ashgabat, 11 January 2018: UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Economy planted 1000 trees on the Geokdepe research site of the “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Water Management in Turkmenistan” project funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). These are the first plants in the field, which are planted with the purpose of testing irrigation systems including dripping, sprinkler and radial irrigation.

“The research field is divided into several zones where various low-water irrigation technics including drip and sprinkler will be installed in the coming months. To test the systems, the project and the staff of the Water research institute “Turkmensuwylymtaslama” planted nearly 1000 mostly fruit trees to be watered using dripping irrigation system. As the construction of the necessary irrigation infrastructure progresses, we will continue planting new types of grains and vegetables to find out what the most efficient irrigation method for each plant is under the climatic conditions of Turkmenistan,” explained Geldi Myradov, UNDP Project Manager.

The fruit trees are expected to bear fruit in about two years. In total, the project and the Research institute team have planted: Mulberry - 250 pieces; Igde (date) - 250 pieces; Apricot - 30 pieces; Apple - 35 pieces; Quince - 35 pieces; Grapes - 250 pieces; Spruce - 100 pieces.

The trees shall protect the field from the negative influence of winds and balance moisturizing of the soil, i.e. decrease of water evaporation. The research shall help assess the required frequency and volumes of irrigation of trees using water dripping irrigation system.

Overall project objective is to ensure energy and water efficiency in the irrigated agriculture which is done through the research on irrigation technics in Geokdepe and construction of the pipeline to deliver water to Kaka. 

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Project Manager

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