UNDP Prepares 75 Energy Managers

Aug 8, 2016

Innovation for energy saving in buildings - energy management system

Ashgabat, 28-29 July 2016: Energy management is a system of monitoring, assessment and supply of energy in the city. The core of the energy management is analysis and reduction of the thermal, electric and gas power consumption.  It includes organizational and technical activities put in place to foster sustainable and effective energy consumption in all parts of the city, as well as various areas of work.

The UNDP/GEF project “Improving energy efficiency in the residential building sector of Turkmenistan” carries out a series of national trainings on energy management. The first three trainings were held in Mary, Turkmenabat and Dashoguz. The fourth training on energy management in Turkmenistan took place with participation of 15 representatives of the national agencies of communal services of Ashgbat and Ahal region in July 2016.

The purpose of the trainings is to share international experience on implementation of the international energy management standards adopted in 2007 among the experts and heads of the energy supplying organizations and communal services of Ahal region and Ashgabat.

“Under the UNDP/GEF project we are piloting the first energy management system in Turkmenistan in the Koshi residential area. It is widely practiced in Belarus and other neighboring countries, and allows considerable energy savings. In the future, Turkmenistan will need qualified energy managers who will be responsible for proper assessment and analysis of the energy use for taking well-timed actions for better energy use in the residential sector,” explained UNDP Project Manager Irina Atamuradova.

During the training, UNDP experts presented results of the energy monitoring in the pilot residential areas of the project and conducted an analysis of the heat and hot water supply and loss. Based on the presentation, participants of the training were offered to design an energy management system that would allow avoiding energy loss.

As part of the practical exercise, participants of the training visited boiler houses in Koshi residential area where in October 2016 UNDP/GEF will install the first system of energy management in the residential complex, and pilot retrofits where UNDP/GEF has introduced energy-efficiency measures when reconstructing the buildings. Participants were demonstrated the automated heat supply control devices installed in the buildings and energy meters needed for monitoring and assessment.

UNDP is piloting the practice of energy management in Turkmenistan and with the support of the national partners aims at introducing it at the national level. Specialists who undertook the training will form a group of certified experts for step-by-step introduction of the energy management system in the city.

The last training will be held in Balkan velayat.

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