Measuring water consumption - basics of water saving technologies

Apr 6, 2016

UNDP installed water regulating and measuring facilities / UNDP Turkmenistan

Sakarchaga, 06 April 2016: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) promotes efficient water use in the agricultural sector of Turkmenistan. During the period of fall of 2015, UNDP project "Addressing Climate Change Risks to Farming Systems in Turkmenistan at National and Community Level" has conducted a series of two-day trainings in the farming union "Zahmet" of Sakarchaga pilot area.

Nineteen participants of the training, members of the farming union learned four new methods of measuring water use: calibration of regulating facilities, current meter (a mechanical flow meter) spillway Replogla (Replogle Flume for Flow Rate Measurement), and overflow Chippoletti. The project has provided equipment for measuring water use during the pre-sowing irrigation and growing and harvesting seasons.

“Water is the limiting factor in irrigated farming as its availability or absence is directly reflected in the amounts of yield. Therefore, improving irrigation water productivity is the key to improving the efficiency of other resources used in irrigated agriculture. It is also one of the keys to tackling climate change,” explains UNDP expert in the field Ovezdurdy Jumadurdyev. “At the same time, it is one of the leading sectors of the economy and employs more than 50% of the population. Irrigated farming in Turkmenistan also remains main supplier of the agricultural products and ensures food security of the country,” he added.  

All irrigated farming areas of Turkmenistan are negatively influenced by the climate change. The main problems being interrupted and irregular rains, prolonged drought and high temperatures. All of these affects sowing, irrigation, soil salinity, the duration of the growing season, water availability for crops, and ultimately, yields.

At the moment, farmers continue sowing of the cotton in Sakarchage, and apply one of the methods of measuring water use introduced by UNDP. For the first time, farmers intend to measure water management efficiency in their own farms and determine the most rational irrigation method in use. Based on the results of the piloted methods of water measurement, farmers will then adjust their practices to improve the efficiency of the irrigation in the region.

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Merdan Hudaykuliyev
UNDP Project Manager

Ovezdurdy Jumadurdyev
UNDP Local Project Coordinator


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