Equality for all: Training for Teachers and Lecture for Students on Disability

Mar 11, 2016

Olga Krasyukova-Erns lectures at the International University of Humanities and Development / UNDP Turkmenistan

Ashgabat, 1 – 4 March 2016: The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) held a series of trainings for teachers and staff of the Textiles College of Turkmenistan and a guest lecture at the International University of Humanities and Development on the subject of education of persons with disabilities.

The training is held within UNDP-supported project “Enhancing social inclusion of people with disabilities through mainstreaming inclusive approach into the vocational trainings institutions” funded by the Government of Finland.

During three days of March 1-3, international expert Olga Krasyukova-Erns worked with the teachers and staff of the Textiles College where participants discussed peculiarities of work with persons with disabilities and the need to adjust the assignments. She stressed that persons with disabilities have equal capabilities to study as the regular students of the college; however, it is necessary to diversify the type of tasks and activities to accommodate special needs of the students with disabilities.

Participants addressed specific questions of working with the students with disability such as the use of interactive boards and providing special classrooms, elimination of social stigma, engaging current students into the work and integrating new students into the current extracurricular activities and classes.

On March 1, international expert delivered a guest lecture at the International University of Humanities and Development. Ms. Krasyukova-Erns discussed the concepts that people use to define the disability and how that shapes the attitude and action.

“Disability is very important and one will be wrong if he/she thinks that it’s not related to them. 11% of the world population have a family member with disability. By the age of 65, 40% of people have a disability, by 80, almost each person has some form of disability. The modern century is about human rights. But how do we use our knowledge to benefit our citizens? Not only healthy but all citizens. What about those who are not included? Do we make sure that everyone has equal access to life opportunities: go for a walk, meet friends, get married, have kids?” were the questions posed by the international expert.

Students of the university asked questions related to the social inclusion of persons with disabilities and discussed the myths and barriers that take away the opportunities of successful integration and living, such as medical definition of the disability which prevent people of receiving employment or entering higher educational institution. Students noted that they welcome students with disability at their university and stressed that currently there are several students with disability who successfully continue their studies.

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