Overview emergencies sector in Turkmenistan, the main trends of development, recent achievements and development plan - DRR conference

Nov 27, 2015

Overview of emergencies sector in Turkmenistan, the main trends of development, recent achievements and development plan, the possible contribution and participation in regional cooperation 

Deputy Minister of Defense of Turkmenistan Yu. Muhammtekulyyev

The transcript is prepared by Tariq Saeedi/// nCa

[Opening of the complex of buildings of the Office of General Directorate of civil defence and rescue operations of the Ministry of defense of Turkmenistan in January 2011]

In accordance with the Law on Civil Defence the Chairman of Cabinet of Ministers exercises the general management of civil defense and he is the chief of civil defence of Turkmenistan. The Ministry of Defence carries out direct management of civil defense.

General Directorate of civil defence and rescue operations has been working on protection of population and property in emergency situations of natural and anthropogenic disasters.

The departments of civil defence and rescue operations were also established in Ashgabat city and all provinces.

Commission for emergency situations has been created under the President of Turkmenistan.

The Central service of civil defense and emergencies was established in 2013.

Annually in accordance with the plan of the State Commission for Emergency Situations the civil defense measures have been held at all levels. They include trainings of managers and employees of central and local executive bodies, enterprises and organizations, training of population. Thus, within a year more than 10 thousand people were trained.

Twice a year the trainings take place at the level of deputy ministers of defense and experts.

With the purpose of exchange of high quality and operational information between emergency information crisis center, General Directorate, cities and ministries the direct computer and telecommunication connection was put into operation.

It is possible to provide live broadcast from the centers of natural disasters.

(seismic map shows marked seismic zones). In these areas, the General Directorate of civil defence organizes trainings for the population.

In Ashgabat new buildings are built taking into account the seismic surveys.

During the academic year students are trained.

In average, during a year three thousand students would attend courses for civil defence.

Employees of the General Directorate have passed training in foreign countries. For example, in Japan this year our employees had exchanged experience in the field of emergency situations.

Seven thousand students of secondary schools had regular sessions on civil defense.

17 thousand children in summer camps of Ashgabat and provinces had exercises on civil defense.

Thanks to UNDP in Turkmenistan, Red Crescent Society, IOM, UNICEF, General Directorate of civil defense in the framework of preparing the population for emergencies and reducing the risks of natural disasters has held trainings, seminars and workshops.

Training Center of the General Directorate pays great attention to training and re-training of rescuers of different specialties. The experts of different professions - divers, mountain rescuers, medical personnel, electricity and gas rescuers, drivers of special vehicles work in rescue management.

Directorate pays great attention to dog breeding. Recently we bought from Turkey Labrador dog (Canadian breed). Now we are training our dog handlers for international rescue purposes.

Central chemical and radiometric laboratory of the General Directorate maintains control over the state and quality of radiation and chemical protection, exercises chemical reconnaissance, controls food quality.

Recently we have purchased from France SuperPuma helicopters and MI-17 to extinguish the mountain fire.

The Agreement on Cooperation in the field of prevention and elimination of consequences of emergencies was signed with Belarus, Uzbekistan and the Caspian states.

Memorandum of Understanding in the field of prevention of emergency situations was signed with the Government of Japan.

With the support of the United Nations the development of a national strategy has been initiated. 

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