UNDP participates in the discussion of biodiversity preservation of the Caspian Sea

Aug 14, 2015

Photo: Oleg Guchgeldiyev/UNDP Turkmenistan

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) took part in the conference and the celebration of the International Day of the Caspian Sea. The scientifically practical conference “Achievements in the field of marine protection of the Caspian Sea in the Year of Neutrality and Peace” took place on August 12, 2015 in “Avaza” resort area of Turkmenistan.

The conference organized by the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Foreign affairs, State Enterprise for the Caspian Sea under the President of Turkmenistan as well as Khyakimlik (administration) of the Balkan velayat (region) was held with participation of the representatives of Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, and international organizations UNDP, OSCE, GIZ and TIKA.

Mr. Vitalie Vremis, UNDP Deputy Representative, addressed the participants at the opening and reiterated the UNDP support to environmental sustainability actions. Mr. Vremis announced the joint intentions of the Ministry of Nature Protection and UNDP to initiate a project on sustainable development of cities in Turkmenistan’s Avaza and Ashgabat. The project will contribute to the implementation of existing Caspian basin programmes.

Mr.  Oleg Guchgeldiev, UNDP/GEF/MNP biodiversity project Advisor, presented the newly developed Strategy and Action Plan, aimed at integrating biodiversity in the socio-economic spheres of activity. UNDP supported the Ministry of Nature Protection and other stakeholders in drafting the plan, which is currently under revision before approval by the Government. The plan will contribute to the implementation of the Biodiversity Convention in Turkmenistan.

The International Day of the Caspian Sea is celebrated for the last eight years by the countries bordering with the Caspian. The date of August 12 is dedicated to the ratification of the Tehran Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea.

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