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Round Table on Youth of Turkmenistan: Values, Traditions and Future held in Ashgabat

UNDP together with the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan named after Magtymguly conducted a series of Roundtables for over 150 young men and women, graduates of foreign educational institutions in…  

UNDP works on the compilation of the 6th National Report of Turkmenistan to the Convention on Biological Diversity

In 1996, Turkmenistan joined the Convention on Biodiversity, thereby demonstrating its active role in addressing global issues of biodiversity component conservation and its commitment to…  

UNDP makes an effort to empower Civil Society Organizations in Turkmenistan

The forum brought together over 40 participants to present best practices in the social contracting and discuss practical mechanisms for development of social services in Turkmenistan, particularly,…  

UNDP promotes improvement of foreign trade statistics of Turkmenistan

The seminar was organized to present the experience of Turkmenistan in improving statistics on foreign trade and the use of EUROTRACE.  

UNDP resumes global campaign on the 70th Anniversary of UDHR

The main point of the discussion was the heritage of the UDHR and its impact on international human rights protection system.  

Training on operation of equipment of Global Navigation Satellite System

UNDP jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management has organized a two-day practical training on the operation of geodetic type equipment of the global navigation satellite system…  

Training on water use and irrigation water accounting

UNDP and GEF jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan have organized 2-day training on water use and irrigation water accounting.  

Identified additional advantages of the water pipeline in Kaahka

UNDP conducted the round table on the presentation of results, environmental benefits recommendations for the operation of the newly constructed the Khivaabad-Kaahka waterway  

UNDP held roundtable on UDHR and universal human rights protection mechanisms

The purpose of the round table was to raise awareness of history of UDHR and how its main principles are unified into international human rights system including national legislation of Turkmenistan.  

UNDP promotes women's entrepreneurship

The seminar provided an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with the main points addressing issues related to business planning.  

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