What We Do

UNDP in Turkmenistan is promoting human development and supporting the national development agenda. UNDP partners with the Government of Turkmenistan and other development organizations on a broad spectrum of issues relating to democratic governance, environment and energy, and human development. In all these areas, we help strengthen national capacity and pilot innovative solutions.

Our Goals

Being a middle-income country, Turkmenistan has entered into the new format of partnership with UNDP realizing the urgency for greater national ownership of development results. In doing so, Turkmenistan has committed to building on the achievements made by the country in the socio-economic development and accelerating progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. In this new environment, UNDP is supporting Turkmenistan’s efforts in improving democratic governance, strengthening national response to climate change and mainstreaming human development policies and strategies through high quality policy advice and facilitating access to the international best practices and knowledge, skills and resources.

Promoting the national development agenda for the benefit of women, men and children of Turkmenistan

Capacity building is a cornerstone of UNDP’s work in Turkmenistan. Over a span of 18 years, UNDP has helped strengthen the capacity of a wide range of national institutions, organizations and local communities, including Members of Parliament, executive and judicial branches of power, central and regional electoral commissions, law-enforcement agencies, local governments and mass media, small business and public organizations as well as rural women, people with disabilities, teachers, students and schoolchildren.

Our Stories

The newly-built secondary school in the village of Belek (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

Modern village as a countrywide model of local self-governance

Grade nine student Annayeva Ashirgul and her 320 classmates now go to school full time. Before their new school was built in the village of Belekmore 

A training course teaches participants how to read and write in Braille. (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

Helping people with disabilities move forward

Yuriy Kulik might have remained unemployed, relegated to the fringes of society in Turkmenistan. After losing his sight as a teenager, he could not find amore 

Waterfall near Gochdemir village in Makhtumkuli district (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

Building national capacity of Turkmenistan for effective management of protected areas system

Residents of Makhtumkuli district of Balkan province of Turkmenistan are increasingly gaining from living in a natural habitat in the Sumbar River Valley, as more andmore 

Regional lab services use new equipment for detection of tuberculosis with luminiscent microscopy (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

Strengthening capacity of tuberculosis laboratories in Turkmenistan

The National Programme on Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in Turkmenistan has recently benefited from the renovation of 28 district tuberculosis (TB) laboratories across the country.more 

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  • The objective of this project is to engage the Government of Turkmenistan on its duty and capacity to comply with its international human rights standards and to improve the knowledge and capacity of rights holders to claim their rights. more 

  • Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Protected Area System of Turkmenistan

    The project supports creating the enabling environment for the establishment of a functional, effective and ecologically coherent system of protected areas for Turkmenistan. In particular, it aims to help the Government in consolidating and physically linking a number of proximate fragments of different categories of protected areas with unique biodiversity into a single, more cohesive management unit - a national park.more 

  • Advancement of Social Inclusion and Integration of Persons with Disabilities

    UNDP and the Deaf and Blind Society of Turkmenistan are working together with the Government to promote employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and, most importantly, to review the national legislation for compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and formulate a National Action Plan on people with disabilities.more 

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