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  • Hearing-impaired students excel in Turkmenistan’s first integrated curriculum

    The new curriculum kicked off at the Textiles College in Ashgabat, supported by UNDP, the Ministry of Textiles, and UNDP national partner the Blind and Deaf Society of Turkmenistan. The first of its kind in Central Asia, it allows hearing impaired students to develop skills at the same speed as others and showcases the possibility of zero-stigma in academic environments across the country.

  • Helping people with disabilities move forward

    A programme in Turkmenistan that teaches disabled people employable skills is helping improve their job prospects.

  • Learning Leadership - Inspiring course for Women with Disabilities in Turkmenistan

    Over fifty women with disabilities participated in a special 20-day course to promote social inclusion and greater engagement of people with disabilities in policy-making. The training was designed to strengthen the leadership capacities of women with visual and hearing impairments from the Deaf and Blind Society of Turkmenistan.

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