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  • A 100-year-old Turkmenistan reservoir gets new life

    In the Konegummez village of the Ahal region in Turkmenistan lies the historical 100-year-old reservoir “Ata Eke”. Locals here grow fruit and vegetables, such as apples, pears, tomatoes, pumpkins and cucumbers. But the main source of income is cattle breeding. All of this requires a consistent source of water, which was becoming increasingly problematic.

  • A desert, a mountain, and an oasis in Turkmenistan

    Residents of three Turkmen communities are working to increase their resilience to climate change by implementing water efficiency and irrigation measures, and developing water user associations benefiting over 30,000 farmers.

  • Adaptation Technologies 101: Intro to climate resilient use of water resources by local communities in Turkmenistan

    In accordance with the National Strategy of Turkmenistan on Climate Change, adopted in 2012, it is projected that by 2040 temperature will rise by about 2°C throughout Turkmenistan. The rate of change in temperature will become more intense after 2040. The calculations show an increase in temperature of 2-3°C to 6-7°C by 2100. Until 2020, a slight increase in rainfall is expected, followed by a sharp decrease. The rate of decrease in rainfall will be more noticeable after 2040, and by 2100, rainfall will decrease from between 8% and 17%.

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