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  • Helping people with disabilities move forwardHelping people with disabilities move forwardJun 27, 2013A programme in Turkmenistan that teaches disabled people employable skills is helping improve their job prospects.

  • MDR-TB patients get support with fight against the diseaseMDR-TB patients get support with fight against the diseaseAug 17, 2014Amanbagt, a 28 year old woman, and Babaly, her 63-year old father, live in the outskirts of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. Amanbagt fell ill in February 2013 when after few oddly cold winter days she felt weakness and tiredness. Amanbagt did not pay attention to those symptoms for several months, hoping to get her stamina back after summer vacation. However by September 2013 her health steadily worsened and she started coughing. At that time her father took Amanbagt to the Centre for TB Treatment and Prophylaxis in Ashgabat.

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Aid for Trade

The Needs Assessments produced under the Aid for Trade project form part of a long-term vision of developing trade capacities, which will benefit human development in the region. The recommendations presented are expected to constitute the basis for a second phase (2011 – 2013), focusing on the implementation of the recommendations developed in the national and regional Needs Assessments.

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