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  • Placing a Value on Nature – Evaluating Biodiversity in Turkmenistan

    Working closely with the country’s Ministry of Nature Protection, UNDP’s efforts have been focused on the particular project aimed at increasing the knowledge of decision-makers and local population of the economic value of Turkmenistan’s biodiversity and the urgent need to restore and preserve the health of its ecosystems.

  • Sustainable Living in the Heart of the Desert
    Dec 3, 2015

    In the Karakum region of Turkmenistan, adaptation techniques address the manmade factors contributing to desertification and help communities adapt to the changing climate.

  • Sustainable Living: More Water for Less Energy
    Mar 29, 2018

    The project “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Water Management in Turkmenistan” works with technology transfer, investment, and policy reform, towards providing sufficient and environmentally sustainable water supply to enhance social conditions and economic livelihood of the population of Turkmenistan, also reducing GHG emissions associated with water management, preventing and remediating salinization of lands.

  • UNDP supports Turkmenistan in reducing risks associated with climate change

    Global Climate change is leading to a temperature rise around the world. According to the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, by the end of the century the Earth's temperature could increase by 1,8-4,6 °C. Already, in the Central Asian region we see an increase in droughts and floods, melting of glaciers, reduction of rainfalls.

  • Would you Spend Extra USD 500 to Make your House Warmer?

    UNDP/GEF project together with its national partners State Concern “Turkmengas” and Ministry of Communal Services develop and promote EMS in some new residential buildings to find the best model fitting Turkmenistan’s needs.

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