Democratic Governance


UNDP contributes to strengthening the democratic principles in Turkmenistan by providing support to development of responsive national institutions, human capacity and fostering inclusive participation. In this area, the Government of Turkmenistan partners with UNDP to improve the national capacity to report to the UN treaty bodies, promote and protect human rights, enhance the national electoral system and parliamentary processes and modernize public administration. In partnership with the European Union UNDP also supported the introduction of integrated border management methods in Turkmenistan.

Our Goals

UNDP has proved an indispensable and reliable partner in promoting and effectively supporting Turkmenistan’s efforts to improve the democratic processes in the country. In Turkmenistan UNDP will continue providing its resources, knowledge and expertise for the Government to ensure the creation of the enabling environment and capable institutions for introducing principles of good governance and rule of law; aligning the national legislation with international human rights standards; improving legal capacity for rights holders to claim their rights and establishment and implementation of mechanisms to protect and promote rights and freedoms in Turkmenistan.more

Residents of Belek village prioritized their development needs (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

UNDP worked with the Mejlis of Turkmenistan at the central and local level for the further development of local self-governance in the country. The Mejlis is now building on this experience as they develop a countrywide model of local governance that supports villages and districts to lead their own strategic planning so they can improve the quality of life within communities. The local development plans are then used to inform supporting national plans and budgets.more

Our Stories

The newly-built secondary school in the village of Belek (Photo: UNDP in Turkmenistan)

Modern village as a countrywide model of local self-governance

Grade nine student Annayeva Ashirgul and her 320 classmates now go to school full time. Before their new school was built in the village of Belekmore 

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