On the Day of Persons with Disabilities 3 December 2016

03 Dec 2016 by Nazik Myradova

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports and promotes the rights of the persons with disabilities striving to create inclusive societies with equal economic opportunities and accessible infrastructure. … Read more

How to Make Cities Safe and Sustainable?

19 Sep 2016 by Nazik Myradova

Ashgabat / UNDP Turkmenistan
In 2008, for the first time, the number of the urban population in the world has exceed the rural population. By 2050, that figure will have risen to 6.5 billion people – two-thirds of the humans on our planet. The same tendency is observed in Turkmenistan, where the number of urban population exceeded rural in 2014. And this trend is accelerating. … Read more

Why to engage in charity

16 Sep 2016 by Nazik Myradova

In the classroom / UNDP Turkmenistan
As part of my work I meet people who are overcoming different challenges. Some do not have a diploma of secondary education, some cannot read and write, others lack money. Now, imagine that all of these happen under the condition that a person has disability. … Read more

The power of accepting a challenge

27 Apr 2016 by Nazik Myradova

Ahmed and his family having breakfast and greeting guests / UNDP TurkmenistanAhmed and his family having breakfast and greeting guests / UNDP Turkmenistan
“15% of the world population has a disability. By the age of 65, 40% of us will have a disability. By 80 y.o. almost everyone has a disability,” shared international expert Olga Krasyukova during the lecture at the International University of Humanities and Development of Turkmenistan. … Read more

Ever wonder what it means to be an MP?

25 Feb 2016 by Nazik Myradova

Turkmenistan legislation consists of a unicameral parliament called Mejlis. Turkmen MPs are called Mejlismen. Mejlis is a legislative representative body of 125 members elected every 5 years. Currently, the Mejlis of the 5th convocation serves its first year. … Read more

The Living Legends of Nohur

13 Jan 2016 by Nazik Myradova

Local residents and project technical advisers / UNDP Turkmenistan
Project monitoring and evaluation process often focuses on outputs, numerical results and delivery in monetary value. Thus, through this blog, I would like to share what I see in terms of human impact of the project without precise numerical figures. I hope to tell the story of human beings behind the projects to demonstrate long-term effect and tell the story of the site. … Read more

Expert opinion to support the preparation of the Common Core Document of Turkmenistan

10 Dec 2015 by Nazik Myradova

Francesca Del Mese / UNDP Turkmenistan
Francesca Del Mese is the consultant for UNDP’s project of support “Development of legal capacity and institutional mechanisms” implemented since 2015. Ms. Del Mese is an international barrister with 17 years of post qualification experience, specializing in capacity building national human rights institutions and ensuring compliance with the UN treaty monitoring mechanisms. UNDP: What is the Common Core Document and why is it important for Turkmenistan? Ms. Del Mese: At the international level, there are a number of UN Committees that monitor implementation of UN human rights treaties. Each UN Convention / treaty has a Committee attached to it, for example, the Committee for the Convention on the Prevention of Torture, which is made up of experts who specialize in the subject matter of the treaty. Each country that is a signatory to that Convention should report to that Committee periodically, normally every four years. This is known as the ‘reporting cycle’. Countries are obliged to write individual reports for each of the Committees, which go into depth about how the Country is implementing the specific articles of the treaty. The Common Core Document is a general report that Turkmenistan will submit to all the Committees, as it talks about the geographical, political, … Read more

Expert opinion on energy saving technologies and practices in Turkmenistan

08 Dec 2015 by Nazik Myradova

Irina Terekhova, International Consultant / UNDP Turkmenistan
The fossil fuels burned by people for various needs contribute to the environmental degradation of our planet. The housing sector consumes 30-40% of total number of energy resources. Moreover, this figure is almost unchanged in most developed countries. Therefore, the importance of reducing energy consumption in the residential sector is obvious. Energy-saving measures may vary depending on the degree of efficiency and cost. Many of them are implemented in the pilot projects of UNDP. … Read more

Expert opinion on UNDP’s “Social Inclusion through Leadership Skills for Disabled Women in Turkmenistan”

07 Dec 2015 by Nazik Myradova

Photo: UNDP/Turkmenistan
On average, 10% of the population of the world has some form of disability. But how many persons with disabilities do you see on the streets? Social exclusion, low educational attainment, unemployment, low self-esteem and limited opportunities to participate in political and social life are frequent parts of persons with disabilities’ daily experience. A very low number of persons with disabilities are employed or attend universities. The stereotyping of and prejudice against them are still widespread and their families experience social stigma so that many persons with disabilities have to stay at home. In society, there is a genuine and widespread lack of understanding that most persons with disabilities could in fact function effectively at work, school, and with society, if given adequate support. … Read more

“Give them something to talk about”

21 Oct 2015 by Nazik Myradova

Photo: UNDP Turkmenistan
Student debate is a culture and an art. While a student at the American University- Central Asia in 2008-2013, I saw many of my fellow Turkmen engaging into the art of debate. For more than two years, I served as a president of the AUCA debate club while completing my Bachelor’s degree. We practiced in public speaking, critical thinking and argumentation. In2015, I joined UNDP and now can continue transferring the debating skills through the annual UN Debate Cup held among university students throughout Turkmenistan. … Read more