The Modern Landmark to Fight Climate Change Effects in Turkmenistan

18 Sep 2017 by Nazik Avlyakulova

Anyone visiting Turkmenistan remembers it for its culture, brightness of colors, welcoming people and the heat. Steadily increasing of air temperature and reduced rainfall are caused by climate change. However, you won’t feel it unless you are engaged into the agriculture. Agriculture is the main consumer of water within Turkmenistan and it is a critical sector of the economy accounting for almost one-fifth of GDP and some 50% of the population employed in it.[i] Every year, the Government of Turkmenistan invests millions of dollars and puts enormous efforts to ensure that the agriculture strives and that the national security is not jeopardized by the lack of food stock for local production. … Read more

Gender equality: The stories from life

02 Aug 2017 by Irina Imamkuliyeva

Irina Imamkulieva is a winner of UNDP Essay Contest “My role in achieving SDGs”. She works as a journalist for the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.   As a journalist I write on various topics. But the special theme for me is women empowerment and gender equality. This topic excites me and as a woman who has two granddaughters, and I really want them to have an important role in the family and society As a journalist, I believe that my best articles are sketches and essays about women, about their worldviews, their understanding of the new course of things and their place in society. I am grateful to my heroines whom I have met during my journalistic career, because the stories given by life and put down on paper in the articles always attract interest among readers. I can proudly say that through my articles I made gender concept understandable and visible in our society. I wrote my first articles on gender equality sixteen years ago. Then, the editorial board gave me a task to lead the newspaper column titled "Woman and society". My heroines were women - tenants, female soldiers, writers, actresses, mothers with many children. They were satisfied with their … Read more

Turkmenistan aims at improving energy efficiency in construction

31 Jul 2017 by Elvira Kadyrova (nCA)

The Ministry of construction and architecture of Turkmenistan is consistently improving the designing of energy-efficient facilities for industrial and civil purposes, Turkmen media reported. The activity on improving the energy efficiency of buildings is carried out by the State Design Scientific and Production Association "TurkmenDovlettaslama", structural subdivision of the ministry, and the National Committee for Hydrometeorology under the Cabinet of Ministers. In recent years, the Association have revised such building norms as "Housetops and roofs", "Residential buildings", "Construction climatology" and "Construction heat engineering". … Read more

Expert Opinion on Financial Reporting Methodologies

12 Jun 2017 by Valeria Getman

Valeria Getman, UNDP Consultant on improving the national financial reporting methodologies
There are global standards which are called International standards of financial reporting. It is a long and complicated document and unfortunately, not all of the standards are applicable in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. National standards of financial reporting are based on international and represent a version adopted to the local conditions of the countries. … Read more

Here is why fair trial and the rule of law matter

28 Mar 2017 by Nazik Myradova

Dr. Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou / UNDP Turkmenistan
The right to fair trial is in the core of the human rights protection system because only courts can restore violated rights. UNDP expert explains the importance of fair trial and the rule of law. … Read more

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